"Mahler" Müller
Your intergrinding contractor

Manufacture of paints
According to your wishes
And targets

Holzhausen 26
D-29413 Lagendorf

Tel. +49 39039 / 70115

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Paint Contractor

We grind, mix, knead, stir, label, manufacture, pack and dispatch

in compliance with our customers' requirements:

- pigment pastes
- resin solutions
- semi-finished
-  manufactured goods

for varnish makers, trade organizations, industrial consumers.

You will profit from our well-equipped varnish laboratory with accelerated weathering, GC, IR, UV/VIS etc. as well as from our twenty years of experience in the field of the protection of
wooden surfaces under extreme outdoor conditions.

We produce in compliance with your recipes, data and ideas or we develop recipes according to your special requirements

Take advantage of our experience!
Test our competence!

Test our products under
most severe conditions!

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